ABS Welcomes Students to Semester 2

The Avondale Campus is a buzz with student’s returning from the mid semester break.

Some students have been overseas or interstate visiting and catching up with family or friends, some have attended Youth Congress Camps and are energised from the experiences and networking opportunities that they have gained from their travels.

Returning students are confident and happy to see staff and students again and seem ready for the challenges of Semester 2.

We have some new students also for semester 2, which is great! They will need time to orientate themselves as to where their classrooms are and who their lecturers are, building relationships and a rapport with their lecturer and other students. Lecturers believe that on our campus there are more opportunities to build a good rapport with students due to the smaller classes on our campus compared to a larger university.

We encourage all students to take a proactive role in their learning and to actively engage with their lecturers and our learning platform called Moodle. We ask students to seek out their lecturer or course convenor if they have any issues or need help in regards to their education or any personal issues they may have so as to make sure that the student’s wellbeing and educational needs can be re-evaluated if needed.

College is a time when students can learn invaluable lessons and begin to identify their own personal beliefs and values as well as learn about how they manage their study and personal time. We hope that our students will find opportunities and ways to make the most of their college experience.

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