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ABS Challenges Directors

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Board of Directors of Adventist Senior Living NNSW recently completed several modules of professional development, delivered by the Avondale Business School team. The sessions were held over three days, in February and May, and topics included the roles and responsibilities of directors, as well as finance, marketing, human resources and information management for directors.

Warrick Long and Associate Professor Lisa Barnes shared cutting edge practices and the latest research in these areas, also drawing on their extensive experiences as directors and leaders in the not-for-profit sector, including with aged care and disability services. The directors appreciated the interactive nature of the sessions, with up to date and practical information. Their feedback reflected that while they had been challenged, they were presented with easy to understand relevant concepts.

ABS presenter, Warrick Long, noted that “this is a great example of a board of directors taking their responsibilities very seriously, and endeavoring to improve their knowledge and sharpen their governance skills – it was a pleasure to work with them”.

The Avondale Business School has a suite of programs that can help your directors and leaders develop the winning edge for your business. For more information, contact Warrick Long to discuss customizing something unique for your organisation.

Avondale Business School collaborates with Business

Monday, May 15, 2017

Business and College collaboration is a wonderful way to enhance student learning. A recent excursion organised by the Avondale Business School to Sydney saw students visit 3 business to get insights into risk management, marketing, human resources and accounting.

The first business to open its doors was the Mascot Air Base facility. Manager of Airline safety lead them into the emergency procedures training facility which demonstrated the approach to risk management, in particular in relation to the evacuation of passengers in the event of an emergency. Students were privileged to be shown the various different aeroplane doors used to deploy passengers, rafts and survival kits. They were also shown the pool used for ocean training, in both the dark and in the rain.

Students were then put into the emergency procedure training simulator, where they experienced a crash landing in which the cabin lights turned off and the cabin filled with smoke. Students followed the orders of the cabin staff in relation to “evacuate, evacuate” and were led safely out of the simulator. Some students also were given life vests to deploy, and shown the various safety features such as the water activated light. Students had a better appreciation for flight crew and risk management procedures, after this confronting experience.

Students then headed out to Allianz stadium, for a tour of the facility. Students were taken down the ramp into the stadium, and the logistics of running the stadium that is shared by three different codes of sport (NRL, Rugby Union and Football) was explained. The marketing of the stadium signs, the sponsorship of the different codes and general keeping of the grounds were explained. Students asked questions such as who are the sponsors and what are the benefits of sponsorship from a marketing perspective.

Student then headed into the Sydney Roosters facility where they were led into the boardroom for an “Apprentice” style session (yes Mark Bouris is on the Board of the Sydney Roosters), by the Chief Financial Controller Mr Manuel Vlandis. Students were presented with financial information about the club and the challenges of running a rugby leagues club from a financial perspective. Questions were asked of the salary cap, costs of injured players, and how the model works in relation to revenue streams such as memberships, gate takings and sponsorship. The CFO was happy to answer the questions, and speak of his relationship with the Board and the new strategic plan they are currently developing.

Students then headed next door to the NSW Waratahs headquarters. There the player development manager Lachie McBain explained the complexities of running a rugby club, including issues such as preparing players for life after sport. He talked about the initiatives the club has in place for players such as further education and financial planning. He discussed the available careers in a rugby association, and his role in relation to his employer being RUPA (Rugby Union Players Association), formed to prepare players for life after sport. The club facilities were shown to the students, including the training areas, technology viewing areas and player lounge. Students asked questions in relation to membership numbers, revenue from Foxtel, sponsorship and player wages.

Feedback from the day included the following:

“It gave us insights into jobs where we do not see what happens behind the scenes”

“It was awesome to see business applied in a sporting context”

Avondale Business School will continue working with these businesses in the future, turning textbook learning into the reality of business. As the late Wallaby and Lawyer Ross Turnbull stated “There is nothing that I learnt in SPORT that doesn’t apply to BUSINESS, or LIFE” (2014). This excursion came from research done previously into the education of current sports people for their career after sport, a paper to be presented at the Global Conference on Education and Research (GLOCER 2017), which will be held during May 22-25, 2017 at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus in Sarasota, Florida.


Social Media Trends for 2017

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Social MediaLike it or not, social media has become a mainstay for communication, both at a personal and business level. And in 2017 there are some trends that will change the game, according to Tom Ward writing in a recent Forbes online blog (read it here). Ward cites the fact that there are now over 2.5 billion social media users worldwide, and this is growing 9% per year. Your customers/clients, employees, and other stakeholders ARE using social media, and you do need to have an effective social media strategy to engage with them.

The article is an easy read, and won’t take long, but it covers 5 trends Ward predicts will impact business in 2017. You will need to read the article for the details, but in point form these trends are:

  1. Live Video
  2. Messaging Apps
  3. Social Commerce
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Social Channels Will Continue to Evolve

As Ward notes, “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms have become such a part of our life, it’s hard to imagine how we lived without them”. Does your business have a strategy that will incorporate these trends? Or will your business be left behind?

If you would like further information on how Avondale Business School can help your organisation, contact Warrick Long:


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5 Ways to Authentically Engage Your Customers

Monday, April 11, 2016

Customer EngagementIn case you hadn’t noticed, customers are more likely than ever before to complain about your organisation, using their personal and social media networks to “spread the word”. They are also acutely aware of their options – they can walk away from you and engage with another organisation just as easily.

Mohanbir Sawheny of the Kellogg School at Northwestern University has researched this phenomena (read it here) and found that the number one thing customers are interested in is a positive relationship. Now customers is a big word, and includes not just people who buy a product, but also who may attend a school, are residents at an aged-care facility, donate to your organisation, volunteer their time or make a commitment to follow your values. They all have options and are not afraid to exercise them.

In exploring this engagement with customers, Sawheny recommends five things organisations can do to enhance this relationship. The full details are found in the article, but in summary they are:

  1. Offer customers real value
  2. Build a community
  3. Inspire people
  4. Provide entertainment value
  5. Keep conversation going

The best time to change is now, so this week think of two things from the above list that you could do to better engage with your customers.

The Avondale Business School can help you with change management in your organisation – find out how by contacting Warrick Long at the Avondale Business School.


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Diversity in Business

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

uber vs taxiA few weeks ago in a ‘Diversity in Business’ class we discussed the historical disadvantage people with a disability experience with regards to workforce participation. As an area of interest to me, some of the statistics explored were quite surprising. So you can imagine the potential for the creation of jobs that a partnership between Uber, the ride-sharing car service provider and Enabled Employment, an Australian start-up operated by people with disability for people with disability, may have. Uber is hoping the partnership will not only help Enabled Employment members find income opportunities, but also encourage the 53 per cent of disabled people with a driving licence to consider driving on the Uber platform.

“Uber is a big believer in diversity and are already challenging the stigma by offering an extension to their app which accounts for people with difficulties in hearing or speaking. This opens up a world of opportunities for people with disabilities to earn a flexible income as Uber-partners”, Enabled Employment CEO Jessica May said. “Uber offers flexible options for people with disabilities and their carers to get back into the workforce, which is what is needed to increase diversity. As long as the requirements for Uber are met, people can be their own boss, work when they want, including around medical appointments or their limitations, and still earn a decent wage.”

Uber may be facing controversy with regards to its business model, with the taxi industry particularly vocal about it’s practices, but this is a good initiative that will likely be considered a step in the right direction to the four million people in Australia who live with a disability.

– Peter Williams –

Lecturer:  Avondale Business School


phone:  02 4980 2175


Appealing to the Millennials

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The MillennialsVery recently LinkedIn undertook a worldwide survey of the Millennials (born 1981 – 1997) about their attitudes to the financial services industry, and banking in particular. Business Insider has accessed the data for the Australian people and have compiled an infographic that gives their preferences. You can read about it here.

Whilst this is for the financial services industry, it is possible to extrapolate from it to get a better understanding of the Millennials and what it is they want. Listed below is my summary of these, and I would refer you to the full article to draw your own conclusions. However, if you are wanting to provide a product of service to this group (including offering employment), then it might pay to be aware of what it is that attracts them.

1. Connectedness

  • Is there a positive buzz about this organisation within social media that I want to be associated with?
  • What is the vibe from my own personal social media?
  • Do they offer a one-stop shop that includes easy to access information, a variety of communication channels, and one place for me to do all my transactions with them?

2. Tribal

  • What is the experience of my family and close friends with this organisation?
  • Would my family and friends recommend this organisation?

3. Inspiration

  • What influence does this organisation have?
  • Do I agree with their values and vision?

Ignore this group at your peril, as they are now coming into middle age, consumer power and influence.

If you would further information on how Avondale Business School can help your organisation, contact Warrick Long


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The Millennials

Monday, July 20, 2015

The MillennialsThey are no longer coming, they are here! The Millennials (ages 17 – 29) have arrived in the workforce and have money to spend. They are like no other generation before, coming from a period of significant prosperity with little adversity. And they know how to flex their collective muscle. As an organisation, if you want to attract Millennials to your business, as employees or consumers, then you need to know who they are and what they want.

A just released US study into Millennials has created a profile that is very revealing. A summary of it follows. Remembering that this is based on US Millennials, who felt the GFC much stronger that those in Australia/New Zealand. However, there is much in common that is worth noting.

  1. Spenders – Millennials plan to live debt free and so are more frugal then their parents. They want to be self-employed and have access to multiple incomes.
  2. Students – They want to continue their education, and the factors most important to them in choosing education providers is cost, quality and reputation – in that order.
  3. Employees – Millennials will not hesitate to change jobs. The most important thing for them is work/life balance, but professional development opportunities are very important also.
  4. Consumers – They want to buy local, and of those brands, they will typically choose brands that support causes important to them. They will also engage with social media in assessing brands.
  5. Lifestyles – Millennials travel, value experience over things, and their top three social media platforms in order are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

There is a snapshot of the Millennials. Ignore them at your peril. The challenge is how best to accommodate them in your business.

The Avondale Business School can advise your organisation on being effective in these areas – find out how by contacting Warrick Long at the Avondale Business School.


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Opportunity comes our way …

Friday, June 12, 2015

opportunityOpportunity comes our way….


I often bump into or get connected with some of my high school or college class/college mates. This sends me to the world of reflection and memory mode trying to recollect details about this old friend or acquaintance of mine. When things get put together and I can see how things have changed over time in regards to this person. How he or she is faring now and what sort of opportunities were taken by this friend. How successful an opportunity has turned in to for this friend?

Time and time I notice that one thing is common to many of my friends who have been successful and unsuccessful in career or life can be pointed to the opportunity that was seized or missed out in the right time and place.

Two thoughts come up in regards to opportunities and they are so true when we look back and the reality is that it happens to us too.

“Many of us wait for opportunity to knock on our doors. However, most successful people are prolific door openers and do not wait for knocks.”

“Many times SUCCESS is more about DOING the things you know you should do, not waiting to learn the ‘secrets’ that you don’t know.”

Another motivational quote that I found on the web that reads like this;

“Lucky people get opportunities; Brave people create opportunities; And Winners are those that convert problems into Opportunity.”

There are numerous illustrative stories told where opportunity plays a key role in the lives of people’s success. Here are a few links for you to connect and read them.

– David Wilson –

Lecturer, Avondale Business School



Marketing Scholarship Opportunity

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Cubic Promote 2015 Marketing Scholarship

Cubic Promote is one of Australia’s pre-eminent vendors for businesses and government departments in fund raising and marketing merchandise. We are the people behind the scenes responsible for some of the highest profile marketing and fund raising events in Australia. We know that marketing and business students of today will eventually be the creative marketing leaders of tomorrow. For that reason, we are committed to offering aid in the form of financial study assistance.

Value & Duration

Cubic Promote will provide $2000 towards tuition fees for students in their chosen field of study within Marketing & Business. In addition the winning applicant will have a chance to work and learn business and marketing basics from a BRW fast starting company for 1 week.


We welcome all applicants to apply who meet these criteria:

– Students must be studying a Bachelors or Masters degree in Business, Marketing, or E-Marketing within Australia

– Applicants must be Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents

– We encourage students studying in rural locations within Australia to apply, as we believe creative ideas of the mind knows no physical boundaries.

For the winning applicant who is not based Sydney you will still have the opportunity to work and learn with our company, as we invest heavily in computing to allow communication via Skype or Facetime.

 Selection Process

-The winning applicant will be assessed based on any or all combinations of the following:

-Academic results

-An ability to demonstrate originality or creativity. This may be in the form of past achievements in organizing events, or any other relevant extra-curricular activity where you needed to use marketing concepts to achieve an objective.

-Ability to demonstrate in words your career goals, objectives and future accomplishments within marketing.

  Apply Now

1.     Applicants should visit our page to check for any possible updates regarding the scholarship, and if all terms are met, send their application to

2.     Please attach a cover letter and your latest academic transcript to date.

3.     Additional material: 500 Words essay to demonstrate:
A) Your career objectives and your desired future accomplishments;
B) Your past experience in utilizing business and marketing acumen (online or otherwise) to complete an objective (it may be something as simple as organizing an event)

Value: AUD $2,000.00 and 1 week Work experience

Length of Scholarship: One semester

Closing Date/ Deadline for entries: 31/12/2015.

How to Open The Donor’s Chequebook

Monday, April 13, 2015

Not all donors are motivated to give by the same strategies – no surprises there. What is surprising is how many charities do not bother to vary their donor appeals to accommodate these different motivations.

Donor MotivationResearchers at the Kellogg Institute have compiled a summary of their various investigations of donor motivations into a guide for charities on how to structure marketing to donors in order to maximise returns. Drawing on the experience of commercial organisations, which recognise it is important to vary the marketing approaches according to their specific target markets, the researchers developed the following four questions to ask, the answers to which guide your organisations marketing program:


  1. Is the potential donor powerful or powerless?
  2. Is the potential donor committed to you organisation or a newcomer?
  3. Does the potential donor value independence or relationships more?
  4. Is the potential donor feeling like resources are abundant or scarce?

The full report (Read it Here), while giving excellent detail and suggestions for developing your marketing strategies, also provides a summary infographic based on these questions that gives suggested strategies based on the answers. This is an excellent quick guide for any entities that seek funding from donors, including churches, schools, and aid agencies.

A challenge for your organisation is to think about whether your marketing strategy is focussed or haphazard? The Avondale Business School can advise your organisation on being effective in these areas – find out how by contacting Warrick Long at the Avondale Business School.


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