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Avondale Business School collaborates with Business

Monday, May 15, 2017

Business and College collaboration is a wonderful way to enhance student learning. A recent excursion organised by the Avondale Business School to Sydney saw students visit 3 business to get insights into risk management, marketing, human resources and accounting.

The first business to open its doors was the Mascot Air Base facility. Manager of Airline safety lead them into the emergency procedures training facility which demonstrated the approach to risk management, in particular in relation to the evacuation of passengers in the event of an emergency. Students were privileged to be shown the various different aeroplane doors used to deploy passengers, rafts and survival kits. They were also shown the pool used for ocean training, in both the dark and in the rain.

Students were then put into the emergency procedure training simulator, where they experienced a crash landing in which the cabin lights turned off and the cabin filled with smoke. Students followed the orders of the cabin staff in relation to “evacuate, evacuate” and were led safely out of the simulator. Some students also were given life vests to deploy, and shown the various safety features such as the water activated light. Students had a better appreciation for flight crew and risk management procedures, after this confronting experience.

Students then headed out to Allianz stadium, for a tour of the facility. Students were taken down the ramp into the stadium, and the logistics of running the stadium that is shared by three different codes of sport (NRL, Rugby Union and Football) was explained. The marketing of the stadium signs, the sponsorship of the different codes and general keeping of the grounds were explained. Students asked questions such as who are the sponsors and what are the benefits of sponsorship from a marketing perspective.

Student then headed into the Sydney Roosters facility where they were led into the boardroom for an “Apprentice” style session (yes Mark Bouris is on the Board of the Sydney Roosters), by the Chief Financial Controller Mr Manuel Vlandis. Students were presented with financial information about the club and the challenges of running a rugby leagues club from a financial perspective. Questions were asked of the salary cap, costs of injured players, and how the model works in relation to revenue streams such as memberships, gate takings and sponsorship. The CFO was happy to answer the questions, and speak of his relationship with the Board and the new strategic plan they are currently developing.

Students then headed next door to the NSW Waratahs headquarters. There the player development manager Lachie McBain explained the complexities of running a rugby club, including issues such as preparing players for life after sport. He talked about the initiatives the club has in place for players such as further education and financial planning. He discussed the available careers in a rugby association, and his role in relation to his employer being RUPA (Rugby Union Players Association), formed to prepare players for life after sport. The club facilities were shown to the students, including the training areas, technology viewing areas and player lounge. Students asked questions in relation to membership numbers, revenue from Foxtel, sponsorship and player wages.

Feedback from the day included the following:

“It gave us insights into jobs where we do not see what happens behind the scenes”

“It was awesome to see business applied in a sporting context”

Avondale Business School will continue working with these businesses in the future, turning textbook learning into the reality of business. As the late Wallaby and Lawyer Ross Turnbull stated “There is nothing that I learnt in SPORT that doesn’t apply to BUSINESS, or LIFE” (2014). This excursion came from research done previously into the education of current sports people for their career after sport, a paper to be presented at the Global Conference on Education and Research (GLOCER 2017), which will be held during May 22-25, 2017 at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus in Sarasota, Florida.


2015 Zado High Achievers Scholarship Opportunity

Monday, May 11, 2015

Zado is one of the top retailers of floor rugs in Australia. We essentially help homes, businesses and offices transform their property into something they’ve always dreamed of with our luxurious brand name rugs. Such brand names we offer (inexpensively, might we add) are Brink & Campman, Arte Espina, Bluebellgray, Scion and more.

We consider ourselves to be High Achievers in the sense that we’re continuously pushing to provide more to our customers. At the moment, this can be evidenced through our seven-day free trial, risk free purchases, Australia wide delivery system and low low prices.

We have put into place this High Achievers Scholarship Program to find and award like-minded students.

Value and Duration

Zado will award the winning student with $2,000. This is to be used towards tuition fees, book expenses and/or any other verified institutional costs.


Provided they meet the following conditions, we welcome all students to apply regardless of their geographical location:

1)      Students must be enrolled full-time or part-time at an accredited education institute.

2)      Students must be studying a Bachelors, Masters, Honours or Postgraduate Degree.

3)      Students must have a Credit Average WAM or higher across all their subjects.

4)      Students must be Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents.

We actively encourage students from rural locations to also apply.

Selection Process

The winning student will be selected on how well they meet the following criteria:

1)      Student exhibits a strong dedication to their studies.

2)      Student has answered the short essay question to the best of their ability.

3)      Student has fulfilled all necessary requirements as outlined in the Apply Now section below.

Apply Now

Students should apply now via email to, with the subject as your “Your Name – 2015 Scholarship Application.” Students will also need to ensure that the following has been attached in a SINGLE document:

1)      A cover letter that outlines the student’s educational background, experience, skills and interests.

2)      The student’s latest academic transcript.

3)      The student’s response to the short essay question below.

Short Essay Question:

In 500 words or less, explain how Zado’s scholarship program will help you meet your future goals.

Terms and Conditions

Value: AU $2,000 to be used towards tuition expenses.

Length: One semester.

Closing Date for Entries: 31st December 2015.