Mythical Dreaming – A filmmaking Journey.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Every Communications student at Avondale takes Video Production unit that teaches them the basics of filmmaking under the tutelage of a working filmmaker. For many of them, this is their first filmmaking experience with professional film making equipment and high level editing software. They don’t get long to make their film and while we provide them with high quality equipment and on-call mentoring, they have no budget and have to be resourceful, creative and generally go guerilla to come up with something unique and entertaining within the constraints.

We wanted to share a couple of our favourites from the last class – two very different films that show innovative storytelling skills: Lawson Hull’s mockumentary about the life and death of dreams faced by tertiary students, and an animation of Tolkien’s poem “The Kullervo Cycle” by Matthew Schimpf.

Dreams from Lawson Hull on Vimeo.

The Kullervo Cycle from Matt Alexi on Vimeo.


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