Your AIM completion certificate has changed!

Previously, you needed to email Tracey Cox with your details once you had finished the course, and she would send your certificate to you. Now, once you have completed AIM, you get the option to automatically generate your own certificate.

How do I get my certificate?

  1. Achieve 100% in the Avoiding Plagiarism module
  2. Achieve 100% in the Plagiarism Quiz.
  3. Click on the AIM Completion Certificate icon at the bottom of the page, or on Certificates on the left side of the page. These options will only appear once you have completed the course
  4. Select Get Your Certificate. It will appear in a new window as a pdf
  5. Click File and then Save As and save to your documents
  6. Your certificate is now saved for when your lecturer requires a copy


Note: there is a ten letter code at the bottom of the certificate. This code is unique to you, and is connected to your record on the AIM Moodle database. Penalties will apply if students are caught forging certificates.

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