Exam tips & tricks

The end of semester is drawing near, but exams are looming large on the horizon. Here are some handy hints to help you through.

Study space
* Organise your study space & block distractions such as social media
* Vary your study locations! – the library is a great place to concentrate
Revise effectively
* Vary revision techniques
* Use flashcards, diagrams, mind maps, rhymes, acronyms, ect.
* Speak revision notes out loud
* Watch a documentary on the topic
* Teach your course notes- friends, stuffed toys or the dog/ cat work well
* Explain answers to problems to others
* Study in groups- the library has some great study rooms for this. Book them here
Set a smart study schedule
* Set goals
* Study harder subjects when you are more awake
* Reward yourself at regular intervals – save the chocolate and lollies for larger goals
* Take regular breaks
Look after yourself
* Eat healthy
* Exercise
* Get a good night’s sleep- especially the night before
* Relax when tired or brain is overloaded
* Drink plenty of water
Plan exam day
* Know where and when your exam is to be held- how long will it take to get to the venue
* What do you need to take into the exam
* Collect necessary pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, etc. and have them ready the day before
* Have a full bottle of water ready

Finally know that you can do this- If you put the effort in you will be rewarded!

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