Text translated twice

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lecturer connects with Spanish and Russian readers

A textbook written by an Avondale lecturer to help share faith development with students has readers worldwide after being translated into Spanish and now Russian.

Barbara Fisher

Caption: Barbara Fisher with the Spanish version of her textbook. Credit: Brenton Stacey.

Barbara Fisher’s Developing a Faith-based Education: A Teacher’s Manual (David Barlow Publishing) has been published by Montemorelos Adventist University Publications in Mexico as Niños con fe: cómo transmitir creencias y valores cristianos en las aulas del siglo XXI.

Now the editor-in-chief of the Source of Life Publishing House is seeking to publish the book in Russian. The request to publish comes from the Education Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Euro-Asia.

Two chapters from the book—one by Barbara and one by her School of Education colleague Bev Christian—also appeared in the October/November issue of The Journal of Adventist Education, a professional journal for Christian teachers and others interested in Christian education. The journal has requested two of Barbara’s other chapters to appear in further issues.