Project Strong Woman

The Strong Woman Revolution

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Avondale alumna uses social media to highlight strong women

When Avondale alumna Shauna Ryan was challenged by a friend to take and post 40 photos in one week, she didn’t anticipate the momentum the project would gain. Tagged with #projectstrongwoman, the photos revealed ordinary women and their extraordinary lives—and it wasn’t long before Ryan felt God’s call to pursue the project full time.

“Three days into the challenge I realised the power of such a movement,” Ryan says. “Having to step out in faith has been the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done—but also the most rewarding.”

What has evolved is an active social media presence that highlights the lives of ordinary and extraordinary women and the journeys they’ve taken. October saw the launch of the Project Strong Women conference, called ‘Love Yourself.’ Ryan has hopes to take this conference on the road in the future, and also to launch a men’s version of her uplifting social media presence.

“I think as women we fear authenticity and transparency because it may reveal us as weak,” Ryan says. “Intentional affirmation of a stranger’s story is so powerful, and I love being able to show women what I—and others—see in them.”



Sara Bolst

Sara edited alumni magazine Reflections and served as Assistant Public Relations Officer during her tenure at Avondale College of Higher Education.