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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
The ‘Avondale Experience’ explained – part two

At any university campus you’re going to meet people and make friends for life. But getting involved outside of class can have a clear impact on your career prospects. And, extra-curricular activities not only allow you to meet new people but provide life opportunities that you may never get again. Volunteering, participating in team sports and travelling is a rite of passage at Avondale.

Research has found that people who engage in volunteering activities, team sports and travel throughout their uni life have higher chances of gaining employment (highlighted by The Sydney Morning Herald). According to a Gallup report, full-time professionals with a sports history are happy at work and driven to achieve their goals, more so than their non-sporting counterparts. The ‘Avondale Experience’ can help you achieve life goals or try new things. So get involved and benefit from the opportunities for the rest of your life.

The Spirituality and Service Trips
The experience at Avondale is unique in the sense that we’re a Christian institution. There are opportunities to explore and grow spiritually, serve people in developing countries by attending overseas mission trips and meeting like-minded people. Lifelong friendships are often formed on these trips as you experience a connection like no other, improving quality of life for others less fortunate than ourselves and sharing the word of God.

The Sports
Avondale is also not shy of a little competition in the sporting arena, with our Avondale Eagles teams tripping off to different Australian University Games each year as well as participating in regular on campus sporting comps. There is something for everyone at Avondale and who knows you might even get involved in something you thought you’d never try.

Now as a staff member I love seeing the interaction between our students, from the first day on campus – meeting new friends with sometimes trepidation – to then seeing those students in groups around campus, laughing and socialising. Knowing the ‘Avondale Experience’ first hand, I’m excited for the students coming through Avondale embracing the same opportunities I did.

Every institution offers a unique experience; it just depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. But don’t let it slip by. Get involved, participate and make an experience for yourself wherever you decide to study. It is true what they say, ‘Uni days can be some of the best days of your life’.

You can even start experiencing Avondale before you get to campus via our snapchat ‘avondalexp’ and our hashtag #avondalexp. Remember you have ONE Life and you get to choose what you do with that life. Choose wisely and whatever your choice, embrace it.

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Start experiencing Avondale via our snapchat ‘avondalexp’ and our hashtag #avondalexp.

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Ursula Scale

Ursula Scale

Ursula Scale is a Marketing Officer at Avondale College of Higher Education. She also studied a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) at Avondale and is passionate about marketing Avondale to students from all over Australia, New Zealand and the world as she understands how valuable her Avondale experience and education was.