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Queen gives crown to King

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Well-travelled singer to open Avondale Concert Series by lifting up Jesus

A music minister who loves people: this is Sandra Entermann and perhaps this is why she is so popular. The queen of conferences and camp meetings sings to proclaim a God who is attentive, accessible and all powerful.

Entermann will travel from her home in Queensland to open the 2017 Avondale Concert Series this Saturday (February 25). While the majority of her performances—such as this one at Evensong—have been at home in Australia, Entermann’s musical career has loosened her definition of “home.” She has accepted invitations to sing in Asia, North America, the South Pacific islands and the West Indies and completed recordings for Three Angels Broadcasting Network and the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Hope Channel. She has also performed as guest artist for the television programs Breath of Life, Voice of Prophecy and It is Written Oceania.

Entermann’s performance at Evensong will feature easy listening, inspirational arrangements of hymns and songs. Whatever the genre, she chooses music of substance with lyrics that reverberate with meaning, challenging the listener to reflect deeply and pointing to the Answer to life’s many questions.

Avondale College of Higher Education Public Relations Officer Brenton Stacey asked Entermann some of his own.

Would you say you come from a musical family or a family of musicians?
Both. Mum is an organist and pianist and Dad can also tinkle the ivories. They were students at Avondale and performed duets together. I’m the youngest of six and family worship morning and evening meant we had lots of music in the home. Everyone had an opportunity to pick a favourite. Mum would even tell us, “If you want to fuss at one another, you’d better put it to music.” Needless to say, we’d end up giggling and laughing as there’s no way you can be angry and frustrated and sing at the same time.

What do you find more inspirational about songs created for the Creator: the words or the music?
I want to say words, as I find them to be the most powerful when talking of sacred music. But if I’m not drawn to the music, I’m not going to connect so much with the words or remember the piece for its words. It’s a package deal really. I’m inspired by a powerful lyric, but I hope it’s got a great melody line to complement it.

How do you, as a creative, feed your creativity? From where do you find your inspiration?
I don’t know that I see myself as all that creative when it comes to music. I just surround myself with beautifully creative musicians. They’re the ones who inspire me.

You’re an experienced performer and praise and worship leader. What’s they key to engaging an audience or a congregation?
I’d say a vibrant, living connection with Jesus is the key to having an effective music ministry. If you were to sing about anything else, then it all hinges on you and your talent and your ability to entertain. In singing for Christ and in leading a church in worship, one of the keys is to remember it’s not actually about you, it’s about Jesus. It’s about providing an opportunity for others to be transported to another time and place, so try not to be a distraction but rather a vessel through which Christ can flow to hearts who need Him so much.

Evensong: Sandra Entermann

Mark the opening of the 2017 Avondale Concert Series with easy listening, inspirational arrangements of hymns and songs by vocalist Sandra Entermann and friends.




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