Youth becoming world changers

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Teens changing our secular society to believers in Christ

In today’s church, youth can have a highly influential impact on their peers. Whether you’ve been a believer your whole life or you’ve just begun to understand the ways of the church and Christ, you can make a difference to those around you. How the passion flows from one heart to another is where we see the change, where one person is on fire for God, others see the person’s flare and the bounce in their step. Impacting today’s society is crucial as media and technology are taking over, affecting youth’s ways of dealing with image and reputation.

Popular celebrities have a big influence on adolescents, if these young adult stars endorse certain behaviour, teens are likely to show that behaviour. According to Youth Leaders Organisation, findings have shown that younger teens are more susceptible to peer influence and peer pressure especially in relation to older teens. This topic often isn’t discussed in big churches but in fact it is relevant because the next generation will be the church, the generation of youth and teens now need to be a focus point for local churches.

Isn’t it our mission to help every ear and eye see Christ? (1 Peter 2:9) And since today’s direction of society aimed at youth is all about selfish desires, building empires and caring only about yourself, shouldn’t the church be stepping up to guide the youth? But not into the do’s and don’ts and external performance but rather into the arms of Jesus, to fix their focus on Him. As a young person you may ask what can I do to make a difference? By simply fixing your eyes on Jesus, you already are making a difference, because as soon as you do Jesus’s light will shine through you and be a beacon of hope for those to be the change they want to see (Matthew 5:16).

Reaching out to people who have no idea about Jesus and inviting them for a Bible study. Our church needs to vocalise the importance of Christian youth interacting with a secular society in order to bring more hearts to Jesus.

What is Avondale College doing that impacts the hearts and minds of not only local communities but also our society? Be the change, don’t be afraid to step up and share Jesus.



Chare De Waal

Chare is a year 10 student from Avondale School, she wrote this while completing a work experience placement in Avondale Seminary.