Jeff Crocombe

Academic an advocate for equality, justice

Monday, September 11, 2017
Alumnus cited for commitment to education that improves the lives of others

It’s not just working in education that brings fulfilment to Professor Jeff Crocombe but working in countries where education can make such a difference to life. Jeff is a former Senior Lecturer in theology at Helderberg College in South Africa and at Pacific Adventist University in Papua New Guinea, where he is now Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

“I’m proud we educate students who may be the first in their extended families, and often the first in their village or area, to attend university. I’m particularly proud when I see former students living the biblical mandate of working for justice, defending the disenfranchised and helping those in need.” Jeff is an advocate for equality, “where everyone is viewed as created in the image of God.”

Jeff met wife Ruth at Avondale. “My first and her last year overlapped. We met through the student newspaper.” They now have a daughter, Araminta, and have traveled as a family to every continent except Antartica.

Graduating with distinction from the Bachelor of Arts (Theology) degree, Jeff served as a local church minister in Victoria for three years. He then returned to university, completing postgraduate study in history, teaching and, in 2011, a PhD in religious history.

Life outside of academia is mostly outdoors. A nature photographer, Jeff would like to see at least half of the world’s more than 10,000 species of birds. His list stands at 1333. He’s a frequent visitor to Varirata National Park in Port Moresby, home to more than 100 species. His photographs of the New Guinea cryptic and forest bittern are some of the best that exist.

The Class of 1997 honours Professor Jeff Crocombe for his commitment to education that improves the lives of others.



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