4 Tips to Nailing the HSC

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Only 4 weeks till HSC exams!

For some of you these tips might just be what you need to get into gear about studying for the HSC (while you still have time) and for the rest of you this won’t be anything new. Most people don’t usually regret not studying for something until it’s too late so realise now that a little effort goes a long way. And…the better your marks and ATAR, the more options you will have at Uni.

1. Study!
It might sound silly but if you haven’t started studying… Please start! You have 4 weeks until the exams start so knuckle down and start studying. If you have already got a good study schedule in place… keep going, you’re nearly there. If you’re not sure where to start, discovering what kind of learner you are can help you work out your best study methods. This will help you develop the best techniques to help you retain the most information.

2.Take breaks throughout your study time
I don’t think anyone can study straight for 8 hours per day. We all study differently but a general rule of thumb is 2 hours’ study, half hour break. Adjust this to suit yourself but remember it is important to take breaks to give your brain a rest but also to give your body a break. Stand up, get the blood pumping and get energised to tackle your next 2-hour stint. You’ve got this!

3. Have fun, you deserve it
For me, Saturday is my rest day. I go to church, I relax and spend time with family and friends and reconnect with God. Maybe bushwalking or going to the beach is your thing. Study hard but be sure to reward yourself by doing the things you enjoy. This will help you achieve balance and might avoid you burning out. Don’t cut off completely from your friends and family or the activities you love doing every weekend such as a movie night with friends or playing soccer every week. It will clear your mind and give you some much needed rest. Be sure to pick up the study after your fun activities are done for the week.

4.Start a habit; it’s never too late
It is never too late to start a habit. Getting in the mood to study is as important as study itself because you want to make sure you are in the right headspace to take in the knowledge you are about to learn. Clean and prep your desk before you start, play your favourite song to get you in the mood or even have a timetable to stick by to help you get through everything you need to do. Little habits done frequently will one day become second nature so start now to set those good habits for effective study.

Good luck!

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