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Tuesday, July 10, 2018
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Finishing up years of schooling is exciting and daunting all at once. What are your next steps? Do you know? If you’re planning to continue your studies, where will you go and how will you pay for it? Not only does Avondale College of Higher Education (Avondale) have a wide range of quality courses to choose from, there are also some great scholarship options on offer saving you thousands – but you need to act now!

Regardless of your financial or academic position, scholarships are available to everyone, yes everyone. Designed to provide financial assistance whilst you study. Avondale offers a wide range of scholarships with varying selection criteria, they aren’t all academically based and are a great addition to your resume!

If you have the academic results, we offer the following opportunities:

The President’s Scholarship is one of our most prestigious scholarships. If you’re a student who has demonstrated a unique mix of academic excellence, leadership and service to your school, family, church or community, this could be for you. It’s worth up to $8,000 over the duration of your course and, amongst other criteria, it requires an achievement of at least an 80+ ATAR (or equivalent) to be eligible. Applications for 2019 close 3rd August 2018, so get your skates on!

The Academic Scholarship focuses on helping to nurture academic achievement. This scholarship is awarded each year to all high achieving applicants from Australia and New Zealand. If you’re ranked within the top 10% of your state, territory or country, apply for this scholarship. It’s worth $6,500 and requires an achievement of a 90+ ATAR (or equivalent) to be eligible. Applications should be in no later than enrolment for semester 1 or semester 2 each year.

If you’re not tracking academically where you’d like to be, though, and you’ve been involved in a service or leadership role throughout your high school years, consider applying for the Service/Leadership Scholarship for new students. Avondale offers up to seven of these non-academic scholarships to new Australian students and three to new students from New Zealand. It is worth up to $5,000 spread across two years of study in any undergraduate or Outdoor Recreation VET courses. Applications for 2019 close 3rd August 2018, so get cracking and apply now.

We also have a range of other course-specific scholarships on offer based on specific areas of study which may appeal to you. Thinking of a Bachelor of Business? Simply apply for the Avondale Business Scholarship which is worth up to $5,000 across two years of study. You can find course-specific scholarships associated with Arts, Science Teaching, Business, Music, Education, Science and Ministry. Further information about individual scholarships can be found on our website.

There are also externally-funded scholarships available too. They are specific to selected courses and the financial assistance offered varies and, if you’re eligible, you could benefit financially from both an Avondale funded scholarship and an externally funded scholarship. So, what are you waiting for?

Closing dates and application forms can be found on our website. APPLY NOW to grab your opportunity to save thousands of dollars on your higher education. You won’t know if you don’t try!

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