Pr Errol Wright

The pastoral and mission minister

Friday, August 10, 2018
Servant of church honoured for following God’s call

Having completed the ministerial course, Pr Errol Wright left Avondale believing if God wanted him in the ministry, He would show the way, and He did. Called after three months of literature evangelism in Sydney to the “coveted” appointment as song leader for Seventh-day Adventist evangelist Pr Jim Cherry’s missions, Errol’s foray “proved to be a fantastic introduction.”

He would marry Zena Hawken that same year then serve the church as a minister in Sydney (1962-1965), North and South New Zealand (1966-1976) and northern New South Wales (1976-1982) before accepting a move to the missions. Roles as a departmental director for the church in the Western Pacific and as president of the church in the eastern Solomon Islands (1988-1991) and in Vanuatu (1992-1999) followed. Errol continued to minister into retirement, serving as a volunteer pastor for more than a dozen churches from Norfolk Island to Broome.

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Errol completed much of his education as a homeschool student. His high school years included stints at Avondale—to “escape a broken home”—and Carmel College in Western Australia. The principal at Carmel encouraged Errol to enrol at Avondale, where he found units in music and experience in canvasing as most influential. Supporting his Pacific island colleagues with literature such as Bibles and sermon material remains an important ideal. 

The Class of 1958 honours Pr Errol Wright for following God’s leading into pastoral and mission ministry for the Adventist Church.


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