Calvin Chuang

With a little help from his friends

Friday, August 17, 2018
Alumnus cited for compassion, loyalty and integrity

The promise of “the Avondale experience” influenced Calvin Chuang to study at college. He also wanted to make new friends and continue a family tradition. And Avondale offered courses in his two areas of passion—communication and international poverty and development studies.

After graduating, Calvin worked in communication—as Assistant Director—for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Western Australia then as a self-employed video producer and graphic designer before moving to Loma Linda University (California, USA). He began as Media Producer and Graphic Designer for the School of Medicine’s Alumni Association and is now its Executive Director.

The relationships Calvin formed at college created opportunities that exceeded his goals and enabled him to help people—he’s filmed at hospitals and orphanages in Africa, Asia and South America. The values of compassion, loyalty and integrity guiding Calvin’s life also guide those of his friends. A few months after Calvin’s father died in 2009, he and others including James and Beryl Carson, James Crabtree and Jared Martin climbed to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. “It was the last thing Dad knew I was planning to do,” says Calvin. “So, to do it with Avondale friends was awesome.”

Calvin speaks highly of his classmates and of the college. “So many quality people who are now changing so many lives for the better. They helped me grow spiritually, socially and personally. You can’t put a price on that.”

The Class of 2008 honours Calvin Chuang for his dedication to helping people live fulfilling lives.


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