Dr Gilbert Valentine

World citizen a son of Avondale

Friday, August 24, 2018
Historian awarded for transforming church into contemporary expression of founders’ vision

Although a citizen of Avondale College of Higher Education, Dr Gilbert Valentine is better understood as a citizen of the world. Born in New Zealand, educated there, in Australia and the United States, he has contributed with distinction to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on four continents and in scores of countries. Serving first as a pastor and youth leader, then as an educator, administrator, theologian and historian, Gilbert personifies with passion and skill the Avondale motto, “A Greater Vision.”

The vision has been transmitted in coffee shop ministry by enthusiasts in Newcastle, to boarding students at Longburn Adventist College in New Zealand, to a worldwide collection of peers at Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA), to sophisticated city dwellers in Sydney, to ambitious but poor, even untouchable, Christian students in Pakistan, to diverse collections of staff members and students at Newbold (England), Avondale and the then Mission (Thailand) Colleges, and La Sierra University (Riverside, California, USA).

While expressing his vision for Adventist mission, Gilbert has become one of its premier historians. Author of four books, Gilbert reminds us of the power of the past to inform and transform the church into a contemporary expression of its founders’ vision.

Two remarkable women have offered blessings and support: Gail Cover Valentine, muse for the years of their marriage until her untimely death; and Kendra Haloviak Valentine, a lightbearer since their marriage in 2010. Sons Andrew and Lincoln bring honour to his legacy.

Avondale honours its son, Dr Gilbert Valentine.


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