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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Students benefit from small class sizes and personal guidance from lecturers, says graduate

When I first considered going to university, I didn’t know what career would suit me. I knew I wanted a degree, though. After speaking to a member of the admissions team at Avondale, my path became clear: a degree in business with a major in marketing.

One of the unique aspects of studying business at Avondale is the ease of communicating with lecturers. This is thanks to the smaller class sizes. Throughout my degree, I had several detailed conversations with each of my lecturers during which they offered me valuable pieces of advice (eg. you never really know how great something can be until you’ve given it a go).

Smaller class sizes were also better for discussion and allowed lecturers to be flexible—they tailored some classes to provide the best learning experience for students. Class discussion helped me learn how to think for myself and present my opinion confidently while being respectful of others. It tended to replicate business meetings. I learned about theory in a practical way and about how business affects the world and vice versa.

I faced several challenges during my first few semesters. With my last business class in Year 10, the challenges might have had a little bit (OK, maybe a lot) to do with a lack of motivation. But after four years of study, I graduated with a double major in marketing and accounting—incredibly rewarding.

What changed? If it hadn’t been for the guidance of my lecturers, I would have switched to a different course or dropped out. My lecturers and the unique learning experience at Avondale helped me develop a passion for a career in business, which came to fruition when I completed an internship and saw principles and theories applied in real life. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else anywhere else.

In addition to getting an education, I made many close friends I’ll have for life and memories I’ll never regret. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow at Avondale.


Neil Bayeta
About the Author

Neil Bayeta

Neil Bayeta graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Avondale University College in 2017.