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Thursday, January 31, 2019
Final chapter fitting conclusion to story of boy and challenge of adolescence

David’s Triumph (Signs Publishing, 2018)
Dr Brad Watson

It seems a shame to farewell familiar characters but this is a fitting conclusion to Dr Brad Watson’s David trilogy (following on from Finding David and David’s Revenge).

The story sees relationships tested, boundaries pushed, friendships mended and loved ones lost. And the challenge of winning a triathlon. Throughout it all, David and his mates are as adventurous as ever and continue to grow together.

Friendship and family dynamics are believably crafted. Happiness and success don’t come easily. Resolutions aren’t simple. Death and grief are realities.

Watson beautifully weaves a spiritual theme through the book, blending the experiences of loss and difficulties with growing a personal relationship with God. It’s a reminder that you can encounter God in many different ways—particularly those that resonate with you—and that He’ll always reach you where you are.

Aimed at teenage boys, David’s Triumph is an eminently accessible read. Whether or not you’ve read the previous books, this final chapter in the series won’t disappoint.

Finding David

Finding David, David’s Revenge and David’s Triumph are available from Seventh-day Adventist bookstores in Australia and New Zealand.


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