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Thursday, February 7, 2019
How you can make Avondale your home away from home

While you were heading back to school this time last year, it’s now 2019 and time to get excited for your new life as a uni student (if you haven’t chosen your degree with us at Avondale yet, click here to do that, ASAP)!

But after choosing what to study, the next biggest decision is where to live. You might have been counting down to the day you’ll leave the nest, or feel quite apprehensive at the thought of doing your own washing and also being away from your family. Or, you could be somewhere in between – and any of these stages is perfectly fine!

Getting familiar with where you’ll live (before you even start classes) can be the best thing to put your mind at ease and get keen for moving out! Just knowing how to get to your new home, getting familiar with the space and knowing what’s around can help you feel much more prepared (to help with this, why not book a campus tour?).

Avondale has accommodation options spread over two campuses to suit pretty much everyone – making moving out that much easier.


This is our main campus, where students studying any undergraduate degree or course (Nursing for first year only) are able to choose to live in the midst of their Avondale experience. Students pay a dorm package per semester which also covers meals at the cafeteria and you only pay for accommodation for when the semester is on.

Experience dorm life

With two residence halls (one male and one female) on campus, these are where some of the best years of your life happen. Living in dorms is the best option for students who really want to make the most of their uni experience.

91% of students surveyed in 2018 said that living on the Lake Macquarie campus had a positive impact on their learning, and 92% said that it gave them a sense of belonging (According to a student experience survey conducted in November, 2018).


“Living in dorms (as cheesy as it sounds) has become a significant blessing in my life. It has given me the opportunity to grow friendships that I know will last a lifetime.”

– Sally-Mae

Live in your own cottage

On the Avondale grounds are a select number of small houses that are available for student occupation. This is a great option for returning, mature or more independent students to share with friends studying at Avondale.

Family options

For those with families who want to take up study at Avondale, we have College View Residences; these are self-contained units situated in the scenic grounds of Avondale and within walking distance to classes. Interest in these units usually needs to be registered a year in advance of commencing study, but there may be availabilities sooner. You can find more info here.

Organise your accommodation by emailing [email protected] or calling +61 2 4980 2222.

Live, work and study in one location

Our Sydney campus located in Wahroonga is the home to many of Avondale’s nursing students. Accommodating for males and females, there are gender-specific living areas in single-occupancy rooms. Unlike Lake Macquarie, residents are able to occupy their room all-year-round.

For the Sydney campus options, find more information on the Avondale website or the Sydney Adventist Hospital website.

Now… just take a moment to process the different on-campus options Avondale can provide! For many previous Avondale students, living on campus has been the most enjoyable (and often first) home away from home.

So, are you ready to pack your bags and move towards the time of your life?

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Sharna Kosmeier

Sharna Kosmeier

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