O Week 2019: A week to remember

Thursday, April 18, 2019
Still thinking about the fantastic start to the year at Avondale and our inclusive O Week experience…

At Avondale, O Week is definitely a week to remember, and for all the right reasons!

You have probably heard of the term ‘O Week’ and if you haven’t, it is technically a week at the beginning of the university year used as a time to welcome new and returning students, get them involved in on-campus activities and set the tone for the year with a really fun first week! This is ‘technically’ speaking. But, we all know that a lot goes on that doesn’t get publicised until someone gets hurt, or sick, or…  if you know what I mean.

BUT we’re so excited and proud that at Avondale, our O Week is an experience that pretty much everyone can be comfortable getting involved in in a safe environment – and have so much fun and actually meet so many awesome people along the way. Each year our O Week just gets better and better and 2019 was no exception. Filled with fun socials day and night students enjoyed a pool party, speed-friending, basketball and the iconic barn night. This year we also hosted the local ‘Eat Street’ which brought a variety of food trucks on campus for staff, students and the local community to enjoy for lunch and dinner. Not to mention the grazing platter lunch under the trees on our beautiful campus.

Now that the semester is in full swing and the reality of study might be hitting some hard we thought it was time for a #throwbackthursday to O Week, where hooking in to the grazing table and getting competitive in a student-run Amazing Race were our main activities for the day (and 8am classes hadn’t yet started!).

Thanks to everyone who made O week happen. Lucky for our students it’s not the last of the fun. Throughout the semester there are so many activities to continually be involved in and to meet new people and to experience new things. The more our students get involved the more enjoyable and memorable their Avondale experience is. Check out #avondalexp to see where your life could take you at Avondale.

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