Student hub’s fresh makeover

Friday, July 12, 2019
Avondale alumni and friends help refurbish College Hall

Supporters of Avondale have helped refurbish an iconic student life and learning space on the Lake Macquarie campus.

Most of the money for the College Hall makeover came courtesy of an almost $60,000 donation from a charitable trust established by a longtime Friend of Avondale. Almost $5000 came from the Alumni Heritage Walk, which honours all alumni while raising money to preserve and restore heritage features on campus.

The former Chapel now has new carpet, a fresh coat of paint, a new academic regalia desk and refurbished service desk, and a contemporary study pod with new furniture behind a glass partition. The refurbishment promotes peer interaction and encourages closer working relationships—the placement of furniture, for example, creates opportunity for face-to-face contact.

“We hope the pod will help off-campus students make better use of time by motivating them to stay and study during gaps in their timetable,” says Director of Student Life Services Jennifer Petrie. “It may also provide a sense of ‘home’ and build a stronger sense of cohesive community.”

The donor, who Vice-President (Finance, Infrastructure and Risk) Kelvin Peuser says has “a real heart for Avondale,” asked simply, “What can I do to help?”.

Alumni Heritage Walk

Leave a legacy of your contribution to Avondale by purchasing a paver in the Alumni Heritage Walk.




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