Tahlia Freeman

Clinical nurse shows wholistic care

Friday, August 16, 2019
Young alumna’s award for professional and personal commitment to people

A mission trip to Atoifi Adventist Hospital would prove to be a valuable experience for Tahlia Freeman. The 2013 alumna remembers sharing in the lives of those who worked at the Malaita, Solomon Islands-based hospital, learning about different cultures and practices and partnering in praising Jesus. “Avondale taught the importance of not only physical care but also social, emotional and spiritual care. This is something for which I always aim and that has greatly assisted in caring for critically sick patients and their families.”

Tahlia received direct entry into the intensive care unit of the Royal North Shore Hospital as a graduate nurse. She is now a clinical nurse specialist after completing a graduate certificate at the University of Technology Sydney. But the training continues, albeit in a new field—Tahlia is a diploma student at theological training seminary Moore College. “I see theological education as a lifelong discipline as my husband [who is training to be a pastor] and I enter a life of ministry.”

The Freemans are active in their local church, leading programs for and serving as mentors to young adults. They also lead a large team as directors of a camp in the July school holidays each year that teaches 250 young adults “the truth of the gospel and encourages them to live it out in their lives.”

A keen sportswoman, Tahlia will soon have another passion demanding an investment of time and talent. She is about to become a mother.

Avondale Alumni honours Tahlia Freeman for demonstrating wholistic care in her professional and personal life.

Honour Tahlia at Homecoming

Honour Tahlia Freeman and other award and honour year citation recipients at Avondale Alumni’s Homecoming 2019 (August 23-24). Featuring: opening reception with live music; worship service with music by Avondale Conservatorium; reunions for those in the 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999 and 2009 honour years; and Hymns and Songs of Praise concert produced by Dr Lyell Heise and the Institute of Worship.




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