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Students on purpose for His purpose

Friday, September 13, 2019
Faith festival sees positive response to commitment call

Students attending a bi-annual week of worship on Avondale’s Lake Macquarie campus have again responded positively to calls for commitment to Christ and church.

An appeal during the final evening meeting of Festival of Faith this past Friday (September 6) saw six students request Bible studies in preparation for baptism, 11 express interest in learning to lead others in studies, and 14 express interest in joining one of the ministries of Avondale College Seventh-day Adventist Church. Chaplain Pr Brock Goodall describes the response to the invitation to lead others in Bible studies as “amazing.” He is now preparing to offer training before mid-semester break.

The student-led faith festival is a significant part of the academic calendar, with classes making way for morning meetings at 11. Evening meetings began at six. Two bands led worship during the week. The morning band had a gospel feel while the evening band played more contemporary music.

Speaker Pr Lizeth Momanga from Wallsend Seventh-day Adventist Church reminded the students they were “created on purpose for a purpose, to be known and loved by God.” He gives gifts, talents and abilities that when combined with your life experience “makes your contribution unique,” she said. “What gives our life purpose and meaning is answering God’s call to service and mission. We get to do this together in community, right now, with what we have and who we are today.”

Festival of Faith leader and ministry and theology student Megan Hunter described the week as “a celebration and a spiritual revival.” Classmate Esther Meale wanted it to be “a time where students could come together, hear about Jesus and be refreshed for the rest of the semester.” Goodall, who continued predecessor Pr Ray Moaga’s prayer challenge in the lead up to Festival of Faith, explains its importance. “Festival of Faith allows us to journey together as college over 11 intentional sessions, ending with an opportunity to go further in Bible studies or baptism or even leading others in following Jesus.”

Avondale Student Life live streamed Festival of Faith on its Facebook page, drawing more than 5000 views across the week.

Festival of Faith live stream

Watch the live stream of Festival of Faith on the Avondale Student Life Facebook page.



Jasmin Ringrose

Jasmin Ringrose

Jasmin Ringrose is a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in international poverty and development studies at Avondale College of Higher Education.

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