Salt Creative Podcast host Lachlan Harders with guests Ray Moaga and Eddie Hypolite

Now students podcasting, too

Friday, October 18, 2019
Shapes conversation around discipleship and spiritual culture

A podcast produced as a ministry by and for students is shaping the conversation around discipleship and spiritual culture in the Avondale community and beyond.

The Salt Creative Podcast launched in March and, now in its second season, has released about one episode a week during semester. As ministry of Salt, the podcast supports the vision of the Friday evening worship service on the Lake Macquarie campus. That vision is “to create and prepare disciples ready to influence the world.” Host Lachlan Harders, a Bachelor of Ministry and Theology student, discusses with guests the messages shared at Salt. This provides new angles on the topics, deeper insights and practical application. The goal, says Harders, is to encourage listeners to take the next step in their journey as disciples of Jesus.

The student body at Avondale is the largest voice on the podcast. Of the 20 episodes produced, 12 feature students, which provides a platform for them to contribute to the culture they wish to see growing on campus. Other guests include Perth-based minister Marcos Torres, Brisbane-based young adult ministry leaders Martin and Pr Alina van Renbsurg, professional development consultant Pr Eddie Hypolite and Avondale College Seventh-day Adventist Church lead pastor Alex Green. Associate Professor Darren Morton from the Lifestyle and Health Research Centre at Avondale and current and former Lake Macquarie campus chaplains Prs Brock Goodall and Ray Moaga also feature.

While the podcast is shaping the conversation around discipleship, it is also modelling discipleship. Harders wants the ministry to continue even after he graduates at the end of this year. So, he has started to phase himself out of the production by investing in three students who will step into leadership positions next year. These students have helped plan and record two episodes in the current season. This encourages Goodall who sees the podcast as “a leader-generating machine.” He says Harders’ decision to step down creates an opportunity for others to step up and serve using their gifts and passions.

Season one of the podcast averaged 100 listens per episode. While Harders is heartened by this, he says broadening reach is not the goal. “I want the podcast to have an impact on people’s lives. If we get only one person per season whose life is transformed by it, then it’s worth it because the impact that person will make on the world around them is greater than any podcast can have.”

In April, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia’s My Edge Magazine interviewed Harders and promoted the podcast. The church’s North New South Wales Conference also promoted the podcast through its social media. These endorsements have contributed to a national engagement with the podcast, whose listeners from the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth.

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Estelle Knight

Estelle Knight

Estelle Knight is a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) student majoring in English at Avondale College of Higher Education.

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