How to Pick a Uni

Monday, February 17, 2020

Choosing a university can seem difficult, but we have some tips on finding the perfect fit for your study needs!

Finding the glass slipper of unis is simply a matter of asking yourself a few key questions: 

What am I interested in studying?

Just like people, different unis have different strengths- particularly in their programs! Have a look around at what courses each uni is known for. Are they amazing at engineering? Or offer hands-on experience opportunities in their nursing course? 

We don’t mean to brag, but Avondale is especially well-known for our Nursing and Teaching degrees as well as our fantastic options in Arts, Business, Ministry and Theology and Outdoor Leadership. Do some research for yourself and check out the compared website to learn more about different courses and different unis. 

Not sure what you want to study yet? No problem! MyCareerMatch is a great tool for matching your personality, strengths, and interests with potential professions. Another win? It’s completely free.

What kind of community do I want? 

Does a large campus in the city seem up your alley? Or a small, intimate campus in a beautiful area? Maybe you want to take your classes solely online amongst work and other obligations.

There are so many options to consider when it comes to your uni community!

But, no stress! Take a good look at your lifestyle and what kind of experience you’re after. A really great way to get a feel for what your next few years could look like is to attend Open Days or book a campus tour. This gives you the opportunity to see a campus in-person, chat with current students, and ask course-specific questions with lecturers.

How much will it cost?

We know, we know. Price can make or break where you choose to go to uni. Even if tuition fees look doable, there can be sneaky costs everywhere – from housing to textbooks to campus parking. Ask each uni for a fee breakdown, what scholarships are available, and what courses qualify for FEE-Help and CSP. So, you know, you can still brunch and stuff. 

Wherever you end up studying, it will be a worthy investment in not only your education, but in your life skills, relationships, and future job connections. Happy uni hunting! 


Ashley Cotter
About the Author

Ashley Cotter

Ashley Cotter majored in communication and marketing at Avondale University College. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2020.

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