Editor’s note

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Transformed Vol 33 No 2

My reading consists largely of true stories, biographies or documentaries. I’m fascinated by the experiences of others, their motivations and their responses to misfortune, privilege or prospects. Knowing someone’s genuine reality creates a connection I don’t get from fictional stories.

Communities the world over, especially post-COVID, crave connection through empathy, compassion and advocacy. I believe this is an involuntary response to the way our Creator wired us.

Avondale stories excite me. Untold though thousands may be, I’m keen to know and share them. Everyone has a story; yours may just connect us better together.

This newly-named and redesigned magazine is a response to feedback from Avondale alumni and friends, who are seeking a better connection with each other. Thank you for your thoughts.

Please keep in touch. We value you and your journey.

Rachel Humphries
Alumni Relations Officer