Perry Glanzer at Baylor University

We miss you, Perry!

Monday, October 31, 2022
Visiting scholar’s take on global Christian education

Perry Glanzer, Professor of Education at Baylor University (Texas, USA), has visited Avondale as part of a research project exploring Christian values in education. He presented some of his findings in the area of global Christian education.

Perry has co-authored, authored, or edited more than a dozen books, including: Identity in Action: Christian Excellence in all of Life; Christ Enlivened Student Affairs; The Outrageous Idea of Christian Teaching; The Quest for Purpose: The Collegiate Search for a Meaningful Life; Restoring the Soul of the University: Unifying Christian Higher Education in a Fragmented Age; Christian Higher Education: A Global Reconnaissance; The Idea of a Christian College: A Reexamination for Today’s University, and; Christianity and Moral Identity in Higher Education: Becoming Fully Human.

In addition, he has written or co-written more than 100 book chapters and journal articles on topics related to moral education, faith-based higher education and the relationship between religion and education.