Kevin Petrie with students

Message from the VC

Thursday, November 24, 2022
Avondale in 2023: more affordable, more fun

The buds in the trees lining University Dr on our Lake Macquarie campus are beginning to bloom. The message I get on my walk home is clear: renewal is in the air.

With free accommodation, fee discounts and a free wellbeing program, renewal is also on campus.

The experience for those in their first year in 2023 will be more affordable and more fun. Students already rate us as number one in Australia for quality of educational experience, but we want to make it even better because we know a vibrant, face-to-face living and learning environment is an opportunity for even greater transformation.

If you know someone who should be here, tell them: the time to try Avondale is now.

2023 at Avondale

Don’t just do uni. Do unexpected. With free accommodation*, a Character Experience Program and discounted fees for our business degree, 2023 is the year for someone you know to make new friends, help the community and learn to lead. *Terms and conditions apply