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Nursing: I just knew

Thursday, March 28, 2024
Brenton Stacey
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Brenton is Avondale University’s Public Relations and Philanthropy Officer. He brings to the role experience as a communicator in publishing, media relations, public relations, radio and television, mostly within the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific and its entities.

To focus on his study, Ben applied for early entry

Benjamin Rippingale had a busy 2023, completing Year 12 by distance education and a traineeship in patient and health services at a public hospital. To focus on his studies, he registered for early entry to our nursing course—ranked number one in Australia on all educational experience indicators by The Good Universities Guide—and received an offer and a $2000 cash scholarship. All before his examinations.

“It gave me peace of mind,” says Ben. And a story to tell. “When people asked, ‘What are you planning to do next year?’, I said, ‘I’ve already been accepted into a university.’ They were like, ‘Wow! Well done.’ I had a pathway to follow.” Doing his best—not getting a grade—became the goal.

He found applying for early entry easy. “Avondale regularly reminded me what to submit and by when and followed-up when I submitted my application.”

With a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance and experience as an assistant nurse, Ben has a head start on his classmates. “There’s always more to learn, though,” he says. Clinical placements will continue to build on the confidence Ben developed during the traineeship. Presented with confronting and challenging patient situations, he reacted with composure and compassion, writes training manager Brad Lowe. “I see him being an asset to the healthcare industry in years to come.”

A family connection to healthcare and to the nursing course helped encourage Ben to make Avondale his first choice. But another connection—flexible, paid work opportunities at Sydney Adventist Hospital—proved just an influential. It gives Ben—a service learning stalwart and a youth leader—another opportunity to improve lives. He reflects on his role at Redcliffe. “Some patients felt vulnerable. Hospital seemed to take a toll on their mental health—it can be a lonely place, particularly for the elderly. So, doing something simple like sitting by the bed and making conversation can brighten their day.”

As one of the recipients of our prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship, Ben demonstrates how his values align with ours and what impact they can make. “What matters most is not what career you have or how much money you make, it’s how you treat people. That’s what you’ll be remembered for.”

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