#1 for Full Time employment in new QILT Survey 

Friday, July 5, 2024
Bailee McLeod
About the Author

Bailee McLeod

Bailee McLeod is a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in English and visual arts at Avondale Univeristy.

“Avondale grew my confidence and opened the door to many opportunities

2023 teaching graduate, Emilie Jackson, was one of our in-demand graduates. Emilie now works at Noosa Christian College in Cooroy, Queensland, as a Humanities teacher in the Secondary school; a position she secured three months prior to graduation. Emilie chose Avondale University for “the Christ centred education and the multiple hands-on practical experiences that the teaching course offered”. Avondale University is ranked number one for Full time Employment (Overall) in the QILT Graduate Outcome Survey for 2023. This rating is pooled from the graduates who were full time employees four months post course completion. We also now rank number one for the Full time Employment (Education & Training) indicator, a big move from our position in 10th place last year. This accomplishment highlights our dedication to providing high quality education and preparing our students for the workforce. Simply, our teaching graduates are in high demand!  

Emilie’s Avondale Experience grew her confidence and allowed her to put her knowledge from lectures into practice. Emilie formed strong connections with peers and lecturers who provided one on one support. She says, “Lecturers and staff members were always open and ready to answer questions, offer advice or just have a chat”.   

Her experience indicates that our students are more than just numbers, and these rankings reflect that. The Good Universities Guide are releasing data from the QILT surveys as they analyse each indicator; more updates to come.  



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