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What next? Communications Graduate Narkisska Spruce Talks Career

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

One of the most common questions students ask about the Communications strand is – But, what job can I get with a Comms degree? The answer is as varied – and as fascinating – as our students are. In our first alumni profile, we let our wonderful ex-student Narkisska Spruce, tell us all about what she is doing with her Communications degree.

Where do you work and what do you do?

I am currently working with Deloitte Digital, as a project manager in their Emerging Technology team. My role consists of facilitating the delivery of software-based projects that use some pretty fun tech. Some of the cool projects that I’ve helped to bring from paper to screen include 5m-long interactive touch screen experiences, a biometric-driven motion sphere ride, training sims, racing simulator using a game steering wheel, a

nd augmented reality photo booths. In my 3 years out of Avondale, I have worked with brands such as Mazda, Acura, Coke, Southwest Airlines, Fire & Rescue NSW, Museum Of Applied Arts and Science, Superbowl 50, Laminex and icare.


How did you get the job?

My job originated with getting an office support role with Well Placed Cactus, a boutique software/games dev company that later became acquired my Deloitte. I got that job by doing something both creative and unique – I created a playable game that was based on my resume! In the last 6 months of my time at Avondale, I designed and created an interactive game that explored my personality and interest; education, work experience, and aptitude. The idea was to communicate the skills and experiences I have in a memorable way. You are competing with thousands of other graduates with the same qualifications as you – how are you going to stand out?

The game was a bit buggy, had performance problems, and looking back now, it was very risky to send to professional game developers. Regardless, a few days after graduation I sent the game to over 20 game and creative software studios (cold-calling), and by the New Year I landed a job. You can still download and play my resume here​ ​(Playable on Internet Explorer).

What do you love about your job?

On a superficial level, I love the security that my job provides. However, what really drives me to get up each morning and do my job is the autonomy I’m provided by my supervisors, the trust and enjoyment of my development team, and the continued opportunity to grow. I love being organised and, more importantly, I love the journey of getting a project to completion, with all the tears, anxiety and joy it brings. Every project has a special part in my heart.

What is your advice to Comms students planning their career after College?

In the first year of our degree, think about where you want to be – the more specific the better. Plan your official and unofficial internships with this in mind; use any assessment you can to explore your career niche; develop a comprehensive portfolio; and think of how you might standout from every other graduate once you’ve got your degree. Also, acknowledge the skills you are developing while learning. Our degree isn’t just about the academics of your particular area of study – any textbook can provide you that. It’s about developing and working in teams of people you don’t know; foreward thinking and time management; presentation skills; mock confidence; independence and autonomy, just to name a few. No matter your job, you will require these skills on a daily basis.