Database of the month October: JStor

What it is: A digital library of more than 1,900 academic journals, 19,000 books, and 2 million primary sources.

Who it’s for: undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics

How to access it:

Access: Avondale Libraries Homepage

Choose: Databases

Click on J

Select: JStor

Examples of available texts:

Special features: The JSTOR Understanding series

The JSTOR Understanding series is a research tool from JSTOR Labs that connects primary texts with journal articles and book chapters on JSTOR that cite those texts. This series includes the King James Bible.

How to use the JSTOR Understanding series

  1. Pick one works by browsing to it or searching for it by author or title.
  2. Read the work — you’ll notice as you do that next to each passage is a number.  That number represents the number of articles and chapters in JSTOR that quote that specific passage.
  3. Click on the passage you want to study.  You’ll see a new window with relevant articles and chapters.
  4. Research.  Look through the articles and chapters quoting your passage.  
    1. You can filter the results you’re seeing by date, content type or whether or not you have access to the documents.
    1. If you’re not sure based on the title and metadata of an article, you can preview how it discusses the passage by looking at the snippets or page-previews.
    1. When you find one you want to read, click the title to go to the article page (where the quoted passages will be highlighted in the text), download the PDF or save it to MyWorkspace

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