The Great Debate 2018

Business students in the Professional Ethics class participated in the annual Ethics Great Debate, as their final assessment for the semester. The two teams argued an ethical issue from a case study involving an aged care facility, and much loved staff member, missing medications and a terminally ill child.

Whilst the “for” team won the crowd support for the persuasiveness of their arguments and position, the “against” team acquitted themselves very well. The audience appreciated their professionalism and the depth of research they put into their arguments.

Although the debaters were nervous, their professionalism shone through when their turn to speak came, and students afterwards were appreciative of the experience. During the debrief after the debate, the students agreed the subject had challenged their thinking, made them expand their thinking skills, and had prepared them well for entering the workplace where they will face ethical dilemmas first-hand.

Their lecturer, Warrick Long, commented that this subject is one of his favorites to teach as it “…provides a forum where students are confronted with the realities of there often being no one right answer for the challenges of the workplace, and seeing their thinking mature and develop is very rewarding”.

The Great Debate is held each year in first semester as the final assessment for the subject BBUS36090 Professional Ethics (Christian Studies III).

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