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Thursday, March 3, 2016
Avondale Seminarian brings clarity to the chaos of the Bible’s last book

Ancient Words, Present Hope: What the Old Testament Teaches Us About Revelation (Signs Publishing, 2015)
Kayle de Waal

I describe it as a privilege. I completed a unit called New Testament Epistles during my time as a student at Avondale College of Higher Education. My lecturer: Dr Kayle de Waal. I appreciated his ability to bring the scholarly into the spiritual and the practical into the academic. I read Ancient Words, Present Hope with this in mind and to my delight found de Waal’s writing no different.

Revelation is the subject of many books, particularly by Seventh-day Adventist authors, but Ancient Words, Present Hope is unique. It reminds us Revelation is not only a book of prophecy but a true revelation of Jesus Christ. de Waal builds on this important foundation and helps us understand Revelation’s deeper meaning in the context of the Old Testament and the broader biblical narrative.

de Waal does what all good teachers should and makes the complex simple by using everyday language and engaging illustrations and by explaining terminology. The charts and the tables in the book give clarity and aid in understanding. de Waal writes with passion but bases his thoughts on solid biblical ideas. I found his perspectives on the end time, the remnant and the Second Coming of Christ refreshing. You don’t need prior knowledge of these topics, just an inquiring mind and a Bible close at hand.

If you love Jesus and want to know Him better, if you want reassurance of His control and of His love for His people, or if you need reminding that the ancient words of the Old Testament and Revelation present a hope we desperately need, then Ancient Words, Present Hope is for you.

Ancient Words, Present Hope: A symposium on the Book of Revelation

A one-day symposium with Avondale Seminary head Dr Kayle de Waal, exploring the history of salvation through an Old Testament analysis of Revelation.

Five principles for reading Revelation

Avondale Seminary head Kayle de Waal on exploring the riches of the Bible’s last book.

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Adrian Peterson

Adrian graduated with a Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Ministry from Avondale College of Higher Education in 2010. He is now Associate Minister at Kellyville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sydney.