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Friday, November 24, 2017
Power behind simplicity of prayer strategy book

Okay, All Together Now . . . : Simple Strategies to Help Transform Your Church into a House of Prayer (Pacific Press Publishing Association, 2017)
Don Jacobsen

The best way to describe Okay, All Together Now . . . is as a collection of articles. Not essays, as described on the back cover. Just simple articles, most of which only fill a couple of pages.

But, oh, the content of those articles! As promised in the subtitle, they do contain simple strategies to help transform your church into a house of prayer. There are no big words requiring a dictionary. You could read an article as part of a devotional reading, whether to commence a church board meeting, a prayer meeting or family worship, such is its simplicity.

Even the content titles are interesting. Here are some of them: Then the Target Moved; We Know You Folks; The Problem with Prayer Requests; You Scratch My Back; Us and Our Memes; Sanctified Ambulance Chasers . . . . Of course, there’s more—58 in total—but if you think from the titles there is a leaning toward flippancy, I can assure you there is none.

The author himself, Don Jacobsen, writes a weekly blog for the HOPE-heals.org website. HOPE is an acronym for Houses of Prayer Everywhere. This book is the result of countless requests to republish his blogs in print form.

Whether you’re seeking a spark for your next sermon idea or small-group discussion-starter or looking to reignite your church through the power of prayer, Okay, All Together Now . . . will encourage and inspire you.

Okay, All Together Now . . .

Okay, All Together Now . . . is available from Adventist Book Centres in Australia and New Zealand.




Christine Miles

Christine Miles is Manager of the Adventist Book Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.