Pr Tony Knight

Minister, mentor, creator

Friday, August 17, 2018
Youth specialist goes beyond better for those who deserve best

A generation of young adults can attest: Pr Tony Knight is an advocate. “My years in youth ministry have indelibly etched in my mind the importance of speaking up for those who have no voice,” he says.

Having graduated with a degree in theology, Tony began what is now three decades in local Seventh-day Adventist church and young adult ministry in the West and across Australia to not only use his power “to stand up for those with less power” but to then “empower them to take their place in this church. We are in the business of equipping others for service, leadership and ministry. We are not in the business of creating monuments to self.”

This attitude shaped the way Tony and wife Jacqui raised their daughters. “It’s been great to see Natasha and Ellesha grow, graduate and take their place in their chosen careers. It’s tempting to say, ‘Job done!’, but as a parent, I suppose the job never ends.” All members of the family studied at Avondale. “There is no substitute for the depth and solidity of the foundations Avondale provides.”

Tony continues as Director of Resource Development for the church in Australia demonstrating his commitment to faithful creativity as co-author of The Hunter Chronicles, a narrative-based Bible exploration for juniors. He is also a playwright—you may have seen his productions at a Pathfinder camporee—an editor most recently of, a raconteur and a photographer with a penchant for landscapes and wildlife, particularly birds.

The Class of 1988 honours Pr Tony Knight, who has gone beyond better for those who deserve best.


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