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Friday, August 25, 2023
Brenton Stacey
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Young alumnus inspires learners to live their best lives

An Award of Excellence recipient in her final year at Avondale, Sophia Husband (BA/BTch, 2017) is now an English teacher at Tweed Valley Adventist College. According to principal Paul Fua, she “goes the extra mile” for her students. And not just at school.

Sophia follows and practices her faith, most notably as young adult ministries leader at Murwillumbah Seventh-day Adventist Church. The activity Sophia brings to the role encourages students to attend. “I want them to know they’re loved, and I want more of them to come to know Jesus.” One of her favourite quotations is from Canadian pastor and author Oswald J Smith: “We talk of the Second Coming but half the world has never heard of the first.”

Sophia is as passionate about serving others as about building community, volunteering this year as a teacher for 3 Angels Nepal, a nongovernment organisation that helps stop human trafficking. Sophia describes the experience as “the most challenging and rewarding of my life,” a phrase that could also apply to hiking the Annapurna Circuit, a personal accomplishment.

As a graduate, Sophia taught English, drama and art at Carlisle Adventist College in Mackay before moving south to Tweed. She returns to Tweed next year as Head of English, an important role considering the significant impact of Sophia’s English teacher. “The time she invested in me inspired me to become a teacher.” The career is a meaningful one because “I can combine two of my passions, literature and people.”

The Avondale experience Sophia develop confidence. Opportunities such as travelling to Cambodia on a Ministry of Teaching Overseas trip and hosting events at the church on campus “helped me grow. I loved creating lifelong friendships.” She is now doing the same with her students—past and present. “Seeing them grow and hearing of their progress” is a professional accomplishment.

Avondale Alumni honours Sophia Husband as its Young Alumnus of the Year for a ministry of teaching that inspires students to live their best lives.

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