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Friday, August 10, 2018
Honour year alumnus not just a keeper of books

Earle Rogers thought his calling might be in ministry but felt “more inclined towards the accounting side of things.”

The New Zealander came via Longburn College to Avondale, graduating from the ministerial course in 1948 and the business course a year later. Employment with health food company Sanitarium in Lewisham, Sydney, followed. Earle became a qualified accountant, tax agent and company secretary over the course of a career shaped mostly by a 25-year tenure at the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA). He began as office manager for the car repair division before moving into a new role, budget officer for head office. An accounting role in membership then preceded appointment as Director of Finance.

While at NRMA, Earle embarked on a worldwide study tour of other motoring entities, which led to the introduction of computers in the company. Although he retired in 1990, Earle maintains his NRMA membership, now in its 61st year. “Always helping people, the NRMA, that’s what I liked about it.”

Earle liked it because he lives it, too. After a lifetime of service, he is, at age 89, caring for wife Gwendoline in the same Strathfield house in which the couple have lived for almost 60 years. The couple married in 1952 and raised two sons, Barry and Bradley. This new challenge is “part of life,” says Earle. “We’ve got to take things as they come. God still blesses us.”

The blessings, as Earle sees them, include good health—he has not suffered from a serious illness—strength, the fellowship of family and friends and the ability to freely read and study the Bible. His life is a contented one. “I haven’t wanted for anything.”

The Class of 1948 honours Earle Rogers for sharing through service the good news of the gospel.


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