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Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Marta Rutkowska
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Seven questions for a student president

If Sydney Wolverton was to encourage others to seek growth and challenges themselves, she wanted to as well. So, she ran for president of the Avondale Students’ Association this year. As she explains in this question and answer, “It seemed like an incredible opportunity to use my gifts to walk alongside others who need a friend or a voice.”

How would you describe yourself and yourself as a leader?
I’m relatable and vibrant. I love connecting with others and strengthening my competencies in different skillsets and hobbies. As a leader, I love growing with the people with whom I work alongside. I love to encourage and empower where I can. And I value reflection and using hindsight as teaching tools.

Why did you choose to study at Avondale?
My sister came to Avondale and never used a negative word to describe her experience. I didn’t know what I wanted to study but eventually felt an undeniable calling. It just made sense to grow into this community and develop more of myself here.

What makes you smile and why?
Music, travel, basketball, any sport, really, or any opportunity to be active, honestly. Smoothie bowls also make me smile. But my family and friends make me smile the most. I feel most me when invested in these things.

Who’s your hero?
Each member of my family has such an amazing influence on me. My closest friends, too. But to give a name of someone I don’t know personally, I’d say Kelsey Plum. She’s a Women’s National Basketball Association All-Star and champion. I watched her play at home in Washington when I was little. She’s a huge reason I play basketball and am motivated to grow myself with God’s leading every day. Her testimony inspires me and reminds me my own is valuable.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt in life?
Trust in and reliance on others isn’t easy but is one of the greatest catalysts for personal growth.

What advice would you give to a new student at Avondale? 
Don’t compare your experience to somebody else’s. Find yourself and what works for you. It’s easy to compare yourself with others in such a close-knit community, but it’s important to still be you and to grow into the person you were designed to be.

Why did you run for student president? And how will you measure success?
I love people and care deeply for those in my community. I just want to help and be the difference craved by myself and others. “Success” sounds like a destination. A better way to measure it in this role is to do it each day—to recall the impact I’ve made on my community or just one person’s life, even my own, and trust that each moment of positive change is a win.

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