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The end is nigh

Thursday, December 14, 2023
Warrick Long
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Dr Warrick Long is an experienced chief financial officer, company secretary and company director, having worked for more than 25 years in the not-for-profit sector. In 2013, he joined Avondale Business School where he is a senior lecturer, course convenor for the Master of Business Administration and a leadership and governance specialist.

Let’s just get this over with shall we?

We had our year end celebration lunch at Avondale University this week. It was a lovely event held in a refurbished restaurant on our beautiful Lake Macquarie campus. The food: excellent. The company: very good. But I was dreading it.

As I mentioned to a colleague, I don’t feel “match fit” for groups of people. I’m now exhausted from having “peopled” for several hours, and although the conversation was stimulating and fun, it taxed me. There was no mute button, I couldn’t answer emails at the same time, interaction was immediate, and there were no connection issues to blame if I momentarily drifted off and didn’t quite hear what was just said.

It may just be me, but I’m hanging out for this working year to be over and to find some time for me and to reset and revive. With the finishing line so close, I can feel myself staggering to get there, digging deep. As a result, I admit I’m rushing this. I’m writing fast and loose because as soon as this piece is finished, I can send out the final issue of ABS Business Connect and then start my leave. The usual great pearls of wisdom are evading me and all I can think about is hitting “Send” and starting on my personal to-do list, which I’ve neglected for most of this year. I apologise, but I think I’m running on empty.

That seems to be the story for a lot of people I’ve spoken to lately. The past couple of years have sucked so much out of us without giving us much to replenish with. Just when we thought COVID was over, it came back in 2021 and we had to endure more separation, Zoom meetings stayed the norm, and personal interaction was limited.

But rather than finish on a negative, there’s much about which to look forward. I’ll rest and revive. I’ll create man glitter (sawdust for the ignorant) in the shed. I’ll read at least one book just for pleasure and not for work. I’ll pretend to watch every test cricket match while I’m really napping. Best of all, I’ll hang out with family and just chill. We’ll laugh, eat and be merry.